Below are the standard terms and conditions of Digital Marketing, Website Design and Website Development. These terms and conditions are applicable to all the services and contracts rendered by Webzone to its customers.

Our fee structure: The client is due to deposit a 50% of the complete fee payable for any contract immediately after they give us the go to proceed for the contract they have opted for at WEBZONE The client is required to deposit the other 50% of the fee after we’ve completed the work and provided you with the desired result. We hold the right to not commence the contract service if the deposit hasn’t been paid.

We are obliged to refund you only the later 50% of the deposit if the work hasn’t fulfilled your expectations. Deposits of the 50% of the fee paid at the beginning of the contract aren’t refundable.

Content and materials: All materials and information required by us in order to complete the job must be supplied to us with the agreed specification. Materials, which include photographs, logos, written content and other printed material may be asked from you from time to time. If there is a delay in the supply of materials, we hold the right to postpone the agreed deadline of supplying the completed work. If there is a failure in the supply of the materials that prevent the progress of work, we hold the rights to invoice you for the parts already done.

Modifications: Our flexibility of taking in new modification ideas and variations to the original design is limited to a certain number and you may be charged for modifications beyond that number of modifications if you want us to change the actual design.
Any major deviation from the specified is liable to charges at the rate of $100.00 per hour.

Work Approval: You will be notified after the completion of your contract’s work which you will be able to review. Any unsatisfactory pointed must be reported to us in writing within 7 days of such notification. If we receive no report of any unsatisfactory points within 7 days of the notification, the work will have deemed to have been approved. After approval of the work, it is not liable to rejection and the contract will be concluded as complete and the remaining 50% of the contract fee will have to be paid to us.

Client Liability: All dates of completion of work that are given to you are totally depended on the type of cooperation that we receive from you. The development procedure requires a certain amount of feedback to proceed with certain phases of the design process. You are required to appoint a person from your business’s side as a representative of the business and he will be required to help us with certain decisions in the design elements that are key to completion of the work.

Work Rejection: If you send us a report of rejection of our work within 7 days of our notification, or you do not approve out work or if the work isn’t standing up to your expectations, and if you do not approve the work done by us to remedy unsatisfactory points, and if we consider that you have been unreasonable in your judgement of rejecting the work done by us, we can conclude this contract as completed and take legal measures to recover the due 50% payment which we have the right to do.

Warranty from you as owner of the produced content: The content you are supplying must fulfil and obtain all the necessary permissions of the authorities in respect of the use of any copy, graphic images, registered company logos, names, and valid trademarks or any of the other supplied materials that are included on your website or the subsequent applications.

Licensing: Once we have received payment for all our services of our work, you will be granted a license of authority for the life of website and the related software that will allow you to use the website.

Consequential loss: We shall not be held responsible for any kind your loss that you can suffer from the delay in performance or when the contract is complete, however, a job like a web designing, subsequent delays may arise.

Search Engines: We howsoever do not guarantee that your website will be found at any particular number in the search results. However, it is probable that the Search Engine Optimisation will allow the website to appear more frequently on the first page of search results.

Non-disclosure: wEBZONE and the subcontractors that are involved in the work related to your website will not disclose any of your confidential information at any time to any third party.

Disclaimer: As per the extent permitted by law, all undertakings, terms, warranties, inducements, representations, express implied, statutory or otherwise which has any relation to any of the services we provide are not included. Excluding limitation of the above, by extent permitted by law, any of the liabilities of WEBZONE under any condition, or representation that law hasn’t excluded is, where permitted by law to limitations of our opinion of replacement, re-supply of services or of payment of the contract fee of the services contracted to be performed.

Additional Expenditures: You are liable to compensation for expenditure relating to the purchase of templates, domain name registration, third party software, stock photographs, fonts, web hosting or any other such expenses.

Backups: We cannot be held responsible for the loss of any of your data during the supply of the asked content and you are thereby asked to keep backups with respect to the contents of your own website in case there is an accidental omission of data.

Ownership of domain names and web hosting: You will be supplied account credentials for domain name registration and web hosting that has been purchased on your behalf when you consider payment for such expenses.

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