Speaking of Search Engine Optimization strategy, there are fundamentally two schools of thought. One school of thought is those that view search engines as promotions to be conquered at any expense and the other one is those that consider search engines as partners in their online marketing endeavours. Most people have a clear idea about the school of thought they belong to. Nonetheless, I feel both the approaches can be efficient optimization techniques.

Promotional Optimization Techniques

Service providers who have this promotional philosophy will tell their prospects that the formulation of an SEO strategy in Australia is like a high stake game of chess. It is deeply rooted mainly in technology. According to this philosophy, success is defined as untangling the latest search engine algorithm to get new optimization techniques and exploiting the technical loopholes for instant benefit.

Search Engine OptimizationThe underlying notion of this SEO strategy is that you should utilize optimization techniques that trick the search engines into showing a website mainly in the results as the isn’t currently offering features that a search engine considers valuable. The basic advantage of this approach is that it doesn’t need much work on the part of the client and that results can be achieved more rapidly. These aspects stem from the fact that there isn’t a huge amount of extra content required, nor are there any changes that need to be done on the website while utilizing such optimization techniques.

While this is not the method that we suggest, it is a valid and potentially volatile SEO strategy.

Partnership Optimization Techniques                                       

Those who look at search engines as partners have a very different SEO strategy. These companies like us that offer SEO services in Australia accept the idea that the features and optimization techniques that give a website better rankings in search engines are the same that makes the website more valuable to prospective customers and website visitors.

This theory truly makes sense. Every search engine has to return results that their users find to be most beneficial and relevant. If search engine research and development people working in a vacuum, they would possibly find their market share diminished rapidly while they deplored about how people are stupid. This implies that each of the major search engines spends unlimited dollars to determine precisely what it is that the search engine users consider valuable, and each of those results has a high stake in the results of the research. No web design or SEO company has the motivation or resources to conduct research on this level. It is therefore highly beneficial to utilize the results of their research, generated from common algorithm traits of various search engines, to enhance your SEO strategy and website.

As you are not constantly forced to re-address your site’s SEO techniques, you’ll have more time to emphasize other online marketing aspects that require attention, like an online PR, an e-newsletter, and the conversion rate of the website.


It is a reality that websites keep on rising and falling in their rankings all the time. The only sites that stay constant in their ranking are those that offer true value and offer something relevant and vital to the search engine user. These sites are usually always near the top, even after the latest algorithm shift. These websites keep on reformulating their SEO strategy according to the changes in the search engine algorithm.

While it might take a bit extra endeavour, we want to consider the relationship with search engines as a partnership in a true sense. We utilize optimization techniques that implement the features search engines have considered valuable for a website, which enhances both the website and the search engine rankings of the website.  Thereby, the search engines help in bringing in more relevant traffic to your website that has shown interest in the services, products and the industry you are involved with.